A Brief History of the Russian Revolution

In 1917, Russia went through two revolutions. The first revolution began in February, following Russia’s disastrous participation in the First World War and looming economic collapse. A series of major strikes, demonstrations and mutinies took place in Petrograd against food shortages and soaring inflation. Workers and soldiers formed the Petrograd Soviet, which refused to acknowledge Read more about A Brief History of the Russian Revolution[…]

A Tribute to the Revolution’s Blue Blouse Movement Heroes

First published in the Morning Star on March 7th 2017 MARCH 8 was designated International Women’s Day in 1910 by the German communist Clara Zetkin to promote equal rights for women. Women’s Day in 1917 was a momentous occasion. Women from the factories thundered onto the streets of Petrograd. They surged up the Nevsky Prospekt Read more about A Tribute to the Revolution’s Blue Blouse Movement Heroes[…]

Peasant looking to the future

The October Revolution and internationalism: 1917 – 2017

By John Foster ‘Capital is an international force. To vanquish it, an international workers’ alliance, an international workers’ brotherhood, is needed. We are opposed to national enmity and discord, to national exclusiveness. We are internationalists.’ Lenin,Letter to the Workers and Peasants of the Ukraine(1919) Peace, Bread and Land ‘Peace, Bread and Land’ was the slogan Read more about The October Revolution and internationalism: 1917 – 2017[…]

Time to Challenge Capitalism Again

First published in the Morning Star on Saturday/Sunday December 31-January 1 2016/17 IN THIS centenary year of the Russian Revolution books will be published, op-eds written and programmes broadcast about the dramatic events of 1917 and their impact on the 20th century. In the mainstream media few are likely to look at whether the “10 days Read more about Time to Challenge Capitalism Again[…]

Modern Records Centre

Images kindly provided by The Modern Records Centre, University of Warwick In October 1973, the Modern Records Centre was founded with the intention of locating and preserving primary sources for modern British social, political and economic history – concentrating particularly on the national history of industrial relations, industrial politics and labour history. The MRC holds Read more about Modern Records Centre[…]

Morning Star

Images kindly provided by the Marx Memorial Library How the Morning Star marked previous anniversaries of the Russian Revolution, courtesy of the Marx Memorial Library and Workers’ School collection. Articles from two previous anniversaries 1967, 1992 The Marx Memorial Library & Workers’ School was founded in 1933 in response to the rise of fascism in Europe. Its aim Read more about Morning Star[…]